Chapter 4

After reading Chapter 4, "Deviance and Social Control," you should be able to:

  1. Define deviance.
  2. Describe the connection between norms and deviance.
  3. Define norms.
  4. Describe the link between socialization and behavior.
  5. Describe the difference between primary socialization and secondary socialization.
  6. Describe the difference between internal socialization and external socialization.
  7. Define and discuss informal social control.
  8. Define and discuss formal social control.
  9. Discuss the agents of social control.
  10. Describe Black's styles of social control.
  11. Describe the connection between the different styles of social control and stratification.
  12. Explain the medicalization of deviance.
  13. List and discuss the three ways in which medicine acts as a direct agent of social control.
  14. Describe the positive effects of the medicalization of deviance.
  15. Describe the negative consequences of the medicalization of deviance.
  16. Describe the shifts in the style of social control over time.
  17. Define putative backlash.

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