Additional Recommended Readings

Ewick, P., and Silbey, S. S. (1998). The common place of law: Stories from everyday life. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.  In this book, the authors present stories from persons they interviewed in order to consider how individuals perceive and use the law in their lives.  

Melville, H. (1924). Billy Budd, sailor. Any edition.  The story of an incident aboard a naval vessel, this short novel raises many questions about morality and philosophies of law.

Miller, A. (1952). The crucible.  Any edition.  [See also: Samuelson, D. R. (1998). Hart, Devlin, and Arthur Miller on the legal enforcement of morality. Denver University Law Review, 76, 189—216.  Consider how this play illustrates philosophies of legal moralism and legal positivism, and the conflicts between them; compare your thoughts and analysis to the discussion by Samuelson.

Wasserstrom, R. A. (Ed.). (1971). Morality and the law. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. This brief volume contains essays that illustrate some of the philsophies of law illustrated in the chapter, including writings by Hart and Devlin.

The Wolfenden Report: Report of the Committee of Homosexual Offenses and Prostitution. (1963). New York: Stein & Day.  This is the report of the Wolfenden Commission, as referenced in the chapter, outlining the committee's justifications for its recommendations; the report contains overtones of various philosophies of law as presented here.  

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