Additional Recommended Readings

Hajdu, D. (2008). The ten-cent plague: The great comic-book scare and how it changed America. New York: Farrar, Straus, & Giroux.  Recounting public debates over the morality and harms of comic books, this book illustrates debates between idealistic and pragmatic philosophies.

Hugo, V. (1862). Les misérables.  Any edition.  The story of multiple moral dilemmas related to crime and justice, this work is a classic and thought provoking novel.

McCollough, T. E. (1991). The moral imagination and public life: Raising the ethical question. Chatham, NJ: Chatham House Publishers.  While not specific to criminal justice, this book raises questions and topics related to morality and ethical conduct in public administration and management.

Meier, R. F. (2005). Criminal justice and moral issues. New York: Oxford University Press.  This book explores a series of controversial issues and how they have been addressed under the law; it also considers the various (often conflicting) moral analyses that have been brought to each.

Souryal, S. S. (2011). Ethics in criminal justice: In search of the truth. Burlington, MA: Elsevier.  This book raises ethical and moral questions pertinent to criminal justice and provides a strong foundation of central theoretical ideas that underlie ethical and moral examinations.

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