Chapter 2

After reading Chapter 2, "Concepts in Law and Morality," you should be able to:

  1. Define the social contract.
  2. Describe why criminal justice agencies are needed.
  3. Explain the connection between the social contract and the criminal justice system.
  4. Explain popular conceptions of criminal justice.
  5. Explain academic views of criminal justice.
  6. Explain the connection between morality and justice studies.
  7. Define morality.
  8. Explain the central principles of idealism.
  9. Explain the central principles of pragmatism.
  10. Differentiate between idealism and pragmatism.
  11. Define a strategy.
  12. Define a tactic.
  13. Apply strategies and tactics to criminal justice issues.
  14. Explain the three tendencies of idealists and pragmatists.
  15. Describe the five concepts of morality.
  16. Explain how philosophy and morality can be applied to criminal justice.

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