Additional Recommended Readings

Abramson, J. (1994). We, the jury: The jury system and the ideal of democracy. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.  The jury system has been the subject of many controversies, and this book explores some of the most prominent debates about it, as supported by many examples.

Bogira, S. (2005).  Courtroom 302: A year behind the scenes in an American criminal courthouse. New York: Vintage.  Journalist Steve Bogira provides a nonfiction account of the workings of a Chicago criminal court, based on his observations and interviews with participants in the court's processes.

Lee, H. (2010). To kill a mockingbird (50th anniversary ed.).  New York: Harper. (Original work published 1960.)  A lawyer fights for the innocent and combats racism in this classic courtroom drama.

Porto, B. L. (1998). The craft of legal reasoning. Orlando, FL: Harcourt Brace College Publishers.  This book provides a brief summary of various forms of legal reasoning, as supported by a variety of examples.

Turow, S. (1977). One L: The turbulent true story of a first year at Harvard Law School.  New York: Penguin.  Scott Turow, now an attorney and renowned author, presents the story of his first year in law school.

Wellman, F. L. (1997). The art of cross-examination (4th ed.). New York:  Touchstone. (Original work published 1903.)  This classic, while over 100 years old, provides insightful instruction about how to engage in cross-examination, with plenty of examples.  

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