Additional Recommended Readings

Goldstein, H. (1990). Problem-oriented policing.  New York: McGraw-Hill.  In this book, Goldstein outlines the framework for problem-oriented policing, including its historical context, and describes how police agencies can adopt strategies to promote this approach.

Moskos, P. (2009). Cop in the hood: My year policing Baltimore's Eastern District.  Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.  Written by a professor who had served as a Baltimore police officer, the book recounts the author's experiences as a "cop on the beat."

Simon, D. (2006). Homicide: A year on the killing streets.  New York: Holt.  This book by an investigative reporter follows a group of detectives as they process a variety of cases, showing their successes and frustrations.

Wambaugh, J. (1975). The choirboys. New York: Bantam Dell.  This fictional portrayal of a police department in a major U.S. city illustrates many aspects of the police subculture, both on- and off-duty.    

Weisburd, D., and Braga, A. A. (Eds.). (2006). Police innovation: Contrasting perspectives. New York: Cambridge University Press.  This book explores eight of the most current innovative police practices, presenting comments from a leading advocate and a leading critic of each strategy.

Wilson, J. Q. (1974). Varieties of police behavior. New York: Atheneum Press.  Wilson's book is a classic exploration of the various styles of policing.

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