Additional Recommended Readings

Johnson, R. (1998). Death work: A study of the modern execution process.  Belmont, CA: West/Wadsworth.  This book is based in large part on the author’s observations of inmates under the sentence of death and of the work of correctional personnel responsible for one state’s execution process, providing an examination of a penalty that is often removed from public view.

Moskos, P. (2011). In Defense of Flogging. New York: Basic Books.  This book bases a thought-provoking discussion of the goal(s) punishment ought to accomplish on a  hypothetical examination of flogging as an alternative.

Perkinson, R. (2010). Texas tough: The rise of America’s prison empire. New York: Metropolitan Books.  A compelling hisory of corrections in Texas, this book highlights how various philosophies of punishment have influenced the system, some more common than others depending on the historical era.

Pratt, T. C. (2009). Addicted to incarceration: Corrections policy and the politics of misinformation in the United States. Los Angeles: Sage.  This book explores explanations for the reliance on imprisonment as a correctional alternative in the United States and considers the underlying punishment philosophies.

Shelden, R. G. (2001). Controlling the dangerous classes: A critical introduction to the history of criminal justice (2nd ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.  This book explores the concept of the "dangerous classes" by considering how they have been defined, and how they have been treated, by the criminal justice system across time.

Turow, S. (2003). Ultimate punishment: A lawyer’s reflections on dealing with the death penalty. New York: Picador.  In this personal memoir, author Scott Turow recounts the difficult and often controversial issues with which he grappled as a member of the Illinois Governor’s Commission on Capital Punishment.

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