Additional Recommended Readings

Cocca, C. E. (2004). Jailbait: The politics of statutory rape laws in the United States. Albany: State University of New York Press.  Cocca explores the history of laws related to statutory rape (defined as sexuality between two, even consenting, persons under the age of majority) and discusses how differing conceptions of morality and politics have led to changes in what is (or is not) considered "legal" or "criminal."

Conklin, J. E. (2003). Why crime rates fell. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.  Criminologists, criminal justice scholars, and criminal justice practitioners have all worked to explain the crime drop that occurred in the mid-1990s; this book presents and assesses some of the explanations that have been offered.  

Friedman, L. M. (1993). Crime and punishment in American history. New York: Basic Books.  Friedman traces the history of crime and criminal justice in the United States from colonial days to the present, identifying themes and trends that have shaped the system, including some relevant to issues in this chapter.

Phillips, S. (1977). No heroes, no villains: The story of a murder trial. New York: Vintage Books. This book traces how an actual murder case in New York progressed from the commission of the crime through sentencing.

Wambaugh, J. (1989). The blooding.  New York: Bantam.  Wambaugh presents the story of one of the first criminal cases to be resolved through the use of DNA evidence.

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