Minor Scales

(PDF files)

01A Pentachord-Tonic Minor

01B Pentachord-Tonic Minor Additive

01C Pentachord Intervals-Tonic A

01D Pentachord-Intervals in Tonic B

01E Pentachord-Thirds Tonic Triad A

01F Pentachord-Thirds Tonic Triad B

02A Additive Natural Minor Scale

02B Pentachords Triads-Natural Minor Scale

02B Pentachords-Triads Descending-Natural Minor Scale

02C Minor Scales

03 Tonic Triads Inversions-Minor

04A Intervals in Natural Minor Scale

04B Intervals Out From Tonic-Minor

05A Thirds-Minor Scale A

05B Thirds-Minor Scale B

06A Fourths-Minor Scale A

06B Fourths-Minor Scale B

07A Additive Harmonic Minor Scale

07B Pentachords-Ascending Triads-Harmonic Minor Scale

08 Additive Melodic Minor Scale

09A Thirds-Harmonic Minor Scale

09B Fourths-Harmonic Minor Scale

10A Triads-Natural Minor Scale

10B Triads 1st Inversion Steps CT-Natural Minor Scale

10C Triads 1st Inversion Natural Minor Scale

10D Triads 2nd Inversion Steps CT-Natural Minor Scale

10E Triads 2nd Inversion-Natural Minor Scale

11A Triads-Harmonic Minor Scale

11B Triads 1st Inversion Steps CT-Harmonic Minor Scale

11C Triads 1st Inversion-Harmonic Minor Scale

11D Triads 2nd Inversion Steps CT-Harmonic Minor Scale

11E Triads 2nd Inversion-Harmonic Minor Scale

12A I V Natural Minor Scale

12B I V Harmonic Minor Scale

13A I V7 Natural Minor Scale

13B I V7 Harmonic Minor Scale

14A I IV Minor

14B I IV V Minor

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