The Dynamics of Social Welfare Policy, 3rd Edition

This text presents a comprehensive overview of social welfare policy. It stresses the idea that since policy infuses every kind of social welfare practice, familiarity with social welfare policy is incumbent upon every social worker. Blending this premise with an emphasis on the triggers of social change in social policy, the book develops a policy analysis model that highlights these themes. In its final section, it then applies this model to five core policy issues.

The instructor's manual mirrors the text's organization. It summarizes the basic content of each chapter and presents a variety of multiple choice, true/false, and discussion questions. The instructor can use these questions to lead classroom discussion as well as to prepare exams that test students' mastery of the material.

Learning social welfare policy requires that students know some facts and engage in ongoing dialogue with their instructor about social welfare policy concepts, values, and patterns. This manual is an instructional aid designed to promote that dialogue.

A special note of thanks goes to Diane Johnson, a doctoral student at the School of Social Welfare, Stony Brook University, who provided invaluable assistance in the manual's preparation.

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