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Chapter Quiz

  1. What is the term for a viewpoint that reflects a political party's principles or position on an issue?
      a. political parties
      b. bipartisanship
      c. partisanship
      d. partisan caucus
  2. What is the name for organizations with public followings that are designed to win elections, often by promoting a set of principles?
      a. political parties
      b. bipartisanship
      c. partisanship
      d. power politics
  3. What is a fast, temporary rise in the polls driven by a news event?
      a. breaking news
      b. halting news
      c. bounce
      d. media spectacle
  4. The Grand Old Party (GOP), long-standing nickname for the Republican Party, is represented by a
      a. donkey.
      b. tiger .
      c. elephant.
      d. dove.
  5. Broad organization of US politics, comprising the two main parties, the coalition of supporters backing each, the positions they take on major issues, and each party's electoral achievements, is called the
      a. nonpartisan election.
      b. party system.
      c. political socialization.
      d. party organization.
  6. What is the term for education about how the government works and which policies one should support: provided partly at school, partly by party officials and other national institutions?
      a. party awareness and organization
      b. agents of politicization
      c. educational socialization
      d. political socialization
  7. What is the electoral system in which the candidate (or slate of candidates) receiving the most votes wins the seat (or set of seats)?
      a. unit rule method
      b. winner take all
      c. proportional representation
      d. multiparty system
  8. What is the term for the portion of a political party's organization that comprises elected officials and candidates for office?
      a. party organization
      b. party in the electorate
      c. party-in-government
      d. party system
  9. What is the written statement of a party's core convictions and issue priorities?
      a. party organization
      b. party electorate
      c. party system
      d. party platform
  10. What is the name for a party leader or elected official attending the Democratic or Republican National Convention, usually pledged to a specific candidate?
      a. superdelegate
      b. party delegate
      c. elected delegate
      d. presidential candidate of each party
  11. What is the term for a hierarchical arrangement of party workers, often organized in an urban area to help integrate immigrants and minority groups into the political system?
      a. party organization
      b. party hierarchy
      c. party in government
      d. party machine
  12. What is the term for a national election resulting in an enduring realignment of the groups that make up each major party?
      a. realignment
      b. major upheaval
      c. critical election
      d. critical midterm election
  13. What is the term for a strong attachment to one political party, often established at an early age?
      a. party identification
      b. party hierarchy
      c. party-in-government
      d. party machine
  14. What is the term for someone who votes for at least one candidate from each party, splitting his or her ballot between the two (or more) parties?
      a. straight-ticket voter
      b. disloyal voter
      c. divided voter
      d. split-ticket voter
  15. What is the political philosophy that aims to minimize government in the name of personal freedom?
      a. liberal
      b. libertarian
      c. conservative
      d. communitarian
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