Volume 3

Chapter 1
The Role of Language and Culture in Universality and Diversity of Human Concepts
Mutsumi Imai and Takahiko Masuda

Chapter 2
Development: The Cultural Solution of Universal Developmental Tasks
Heidi Keller and Joscha Kärtner

Chapter 3
From Chinese to Cross-Cultural Personality Inventory: A Combined Emic-Etic Approach to Study Personality in Culture
Fanny M. Cheung, Shu Fai Cheung, and Weiqiao Fan

Chapter 4
Cultural Unity and Diversity in Compensatory Control Processes
Aaron C. Kay and Daniel Sullivan

Chapter 5
Creating Cultures Between Arctics and Deserts
Evert Van de Vliert

Chapter 6
Macro Cultural Psychology: Its Development, Concerns, Politics, and Future Direction
Carl Ratner

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