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Welcome to Instructor Resources on the Companion Website for Ideas and Styles in the Western Musical Tradition, Third Edition. The materials provided here include:

  • An introduction that explains the orientation of the book and some suggestions about approaches to teaching
  • A sample syllabus
  • Two sample class schedules
  • Correlation Guides for Major Music Anthologies

For each chapter, you will find:

  • Chapter Overview. Here the main points of the chapter are summarized in a few paragraphs.

  • Objectives. This section identifies the most important ideas for the student to understand. It includes issues concerning both the relation of music to history and the development of musical thinking.

  • Terms, Names, and Concepts. These lists show each chapter's new technical vocabulary, names of leading composers and musical thinkers, and some terms for principal ideas.

  • Classroom Approaches, Assignments, Topics for Discussion. A considerable variety of assignments and class activities are suggested, from which the teacher can choose and adapt those best suited to his or her needs. Each assignment or activity should lead to discussion of the music and ideas involved.

  • PowerPoint Slides for Lecture

  • Chapter Review Quiz. Multiple choice and true/false questions are offered.

  • Answers to Chapter Quiz Questions

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