Photo 1: Boys drumming in the street in Lamin, The Gambia. Photo: Huib Schippers, March 1993.

Photo 2: Young boy teaching himself to play the kendang, the drum central to Javanese gamelan. Photo: Huib Schippers, December 2005

Photo 3: A vocal class in a music school in Mumbai. Photo: Huib Schippers, March 2009

Photo 4: Dragon chasing the clouds: A musical metaphor represented at the ancient city gates of Daegu, Korea. Photo huib Schippers, October 2007.

Photo 5: Pham Thi Hue learning ca trù from Nguyȇn Thi Chúc in Ngãi Cȃu Village, Vietnam. Photo Huib Schippers, January 2007.

Photo 6: Chinese drumming at the International School of Kuala Lumpur. Photo: Huib Schippers, April 1993.

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