Nonverbal Communication: Studies and Applications

Providing a thoughtful balance of theory and practice, Nonverbal Communication: Studies and Applications, Fifth Edition, offers students an engaging, sophisticated, and up-to-date introduction to the field. Nina-Jo Moore, Don W. Stacks, and Mark Hickson, III, use examples from everyday life and television to help students understand how nonverbal communication affects the real world.

The authors discuss many interesting topics that are not usually covered in nonverbal communication texts—including body alterations, biofeedback, and olfactics—and take a unique "sensory" approach to nonverbal communication (i.e., they examine how the five senses process nonverbal communication signals). They begin with a discussion of the sense of touch (rather than physical appearance, the typical starting point of most nonverbal communication texts) and then lead into the study of space, the sense of sight, the sense of hearing, the sense of smell, and finally, the use of time.

Consistently demonstrating the applications of theory while emphasizing the research basis of nonverbal communication, Nonverbal Communication, Fifth Edition, is ideal for upper-level nonverbal communication courses in either communication or psychology departments

Features of the Fifth Edition

  • Greater focus on individual applications of contemporary research findings

  • Updated research providing the most recent studies published in the field

  • Revised "Observational Studies" features that offer students the opportunity to apply what they are learning to a variety of contexts

  • Instructor's Companion Website with a full Instructor's Manual and interactive PowerPoint lecture slides

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