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Foreword (James C. Goodwin)

Chapter 1. Undergraduate Education in Psychology: All's Well that Begins and Ends Well
Dana S. Dunn, Bernard C. Beins, Maureen A. McCarthy, & G. William Hill IV

Part I: Beginnings

Chapter 2. Addressing the Multiple Demands of Teaching Introductory Psychology
Michael L. Stoloff

Chapter 3. Reading from the Same Page: Building an Integrated Curriculum
Brian T. Loher, Karri Verno, Francis W. Craig, and Peter A. Keller

Chapter 4. Advising in the Classroom: A Career Exploration Class for Psychology Majors
Drew C. Appleby

Chapter 5. Building a Psychology Orientation Course: Common Themes and Exercises
Brian T. Loher & R. Eric Landrum

Chapter 6. Engaging Students in Psychology: Building on First-year Programs and Seminars
Regan A. R. Gurung & Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges

Chapter 7. Learning Communities as an Innovative Beginning to the Psychology Major: A Tale of Two Campuses
Kenneth R. Barron, Kim Buch, Jeffrey T. Andre, & Sue Spaulding

Chapter 8. Displacing Wikipedia: Information Literacy for First-Year Students
Charles M. Harris & S. Lynn Cameron

Chapter 9. Crafting and Implementing a Career Development Course in Psychology
Eric Goederis & Stanley Cohen

Part II: Endings

Chapter 10. The Capstone Course as Liberal Education Opportunity
Dana S. Dunn & Maureen A. McCarthy

Chapter 11. History of Psychology as a Capstone Course
Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr.

Chapter 12. Research Teams: Developing a Capstone Experience with Programmatic Research
Bernard C. Beins & Phil D. Wann

Chapter 13. Honors Thesis as a Capstone Experience: A Possible Perfect Ending
Sherry L. Serdikoff

Chapter 14. The Capstone Research Course: A Case Study in the Evolution of Educational Efficacy
Wayne S. Messer and David B. Porter

Chapter 15. Ten Things I Hate about My Capstone Course-And a Few Ways to Fix Them
Tracy E. Zinn, Monica J. Reis-Bergan, & Suzanne C. Baker

Chapter 16. Writing for Psychology Majors as a Developmental Process
Bernard C. Beins, Randolph A. Smith, and Dana S. Dunn

Chapter 17. Capping the Undergraduate Experience: Making Learning Come Alive Through Fieldwork
Joann Grayson

Chapter 18. Helping Undergraduates Transition to the Workplace: Four Discussion Starters
Paul I. Hettich

Chapter 19. Helping Undergraduates Make the Transition to Graduate School
Brennan D. Cox, Kristin L. Cullen, William Buskist, and Victor A. Benassi

Chapter 20. Teaching Psychology's Endings: The Simple Gifts of a Reflective Close
Neil Lutsky

Part III: Coda

Chapter 21. Developing Scientific Reasoning Skills in Beginning and Ending Students
Suzanne C. Baker, Maureen A. McCarthy, Jane S. Halonen, Dana S. Dunn, & G. William Hill IV

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