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Chapter 4

Materials Sounds

Sound Example 4.1 Excerpt of Omaggio a Emilio Vedova (1960) by Luigi Nono.

Sound Example 4.2 Excerpt of Water Walk (1959) by John Cage.

Sound Example 4.3 Excerpt of Dripsody (1955) by Hugh LeCaine.

Sound Example 4.4 Excerpt of Quatermass (1964) by Tod Dockstadter.

Sound Example 4.5 Excerpt of Prelude II (1967) by Ilhan Mimaroglu.

Sound Example 4.6 Excerpt of Prelude XI (1967) by Ilhan Mimaroglu.

Sound Example 4.7 corner (2003) by Kaffe Matthews from eb + flo (Annette Works AWCD0005-6)

Sound Example 4.8a Granular coalescence of a sound by means of time-domain granulation.

Sound Example 4.8b Granular coalescence of a sound by means of dictionary-based decomposition, transformation, and resynthesis.

Sound Example 4.9 The effects of cavitation on a sound.

Sound Example 4.10 Excerpt of Thema (Omaggio a Joyce) by Luciano Berio (1958).

Sound Example 4.11 Excerpt of L’oiseau chanteur (1964) by François Bayle.

Sound Example 4.12 Excerpt of Synchronisms Number 5 for percussion ensemble and electronic sounds (1969) by Mario Davidovsky.

Sound Example 4.13 Excerpt of Quartetto per viola solo (2006) by Martino Traversa.

Sound Example 4.14 Excerpt of Weekend (1930) by Walter Ruttmann.

Sound Example 4.15 Excerpt of Hétérozygote (1964) by Luc Ferrari

Sound Example 4.16 Excerpt of Presque rien, numéro 1, le lever du jour au bord de la mer (1970) by Luc Ferrari

Sound Example 4.17 Excerpt of FIZZ (2004) by Maggi Payne.

Sound Example 4.18 A long compound sound fusing a time-varying harmonic component, a broadband noise component, and an undulating bass component.

Sound Example 4.19 Excerpt of In Winter Shine (1983) by James Dashow.

Sound Example 4.20 Excerpt of Analog #1: Noise Study (1961) by James Tenney.

Sound Example 4.21 Excerpt of Composition for Synthesizer (1961) by Milton Babbitt.

Sound Example 4.22 Excerpt of Live at Queen Elizabeth Hall (1998) by Russell Haswell.

Sound Example 4.23 Excerpt of Scambi (1957) by Henri Pousseur.

Sound Example 4.24 Excerpt of Appearance (1967) for three instruments, two oscillators, and two ring modulators by Toshi Ichiyanagi.

Sound Example 4.25 White, pink, and brown noise.

Sound Example 4.26 19-tone Clusters (2010) with sine waves by Hubert Howe.

Sound Example 4.27 19-tone Clusters (2010) with instrumental samples by Hubert Howe.

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