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Chapter 10

Narrative Sounds

Sound Example 10.1 Excerpt of Pulse Persephone (1965) by Daphne Oram.

Sound Example 10.2 Excerpt of Process 5 (2010) by Xopher Davidson and Zbigniev Karkowski.

Sound Example 10.3 Excerpt of Maroc (1998) by Thom Blum.

Sound Example 10.4 Excerpt of Water Spirits (2007) by Elizabeth Hoffman.

Sound Example 10.5 Excerpt of Prelude 12 for Magnetic tape (1967) by Ilhan Mimaroglu. (1)

Sound Example 10.6 Excerpt of Saliceburry Cocktail (2002) by Luc Ferrari.

Sound Example 10.7 Excerpt of Numéro quatro from Les anecdotiques (2002) by Luc Ferrari.

Sound Example 10.8 Excerpt of Any Resemblance is Purely Coincidental (1980) by Charles Dodge.

Sound Example 10.9 Excerpt of Arioso Dolente/Beethoven op.110 (2002) by Theodore Lotis

Sound Example 10.10 Excerpt of Glassharfe (2006) by Ludger Brümmer.

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