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Chapter 1

Medium Sounds

Sound Example 1.1 Excerpt of Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, Allegro movement (1721) by J. S. Bach, from Switched-On Bach (1968) by Wendy Carlos.

Sound Example 1.2 Excerpt of Sheep may safely graze, from Cantata 208 (1713) by J. S. Bach, from Switched-On Bach II (1973) by Wendy Carlos.

Sound Example 1.3 Excerpt of Underwater Waltz (1952) by Vladimir Ussachevsky. Transcribed from a long-play vinyl record.

Sound Example 1.4 Excerpt of Composition for Synthesizer (1961) by Milton Babbitt

Sound Example 1.5 Excerpt Wall Me Do (1987) by Carl Stone

Sound Example 1.6 Additive synthesis simulation of a string quartet playing Beethoven’s Opus 132 using the app Synful Orchestra sequenced by Eric Lindemann.

Sound Example 1.7 Volumina (1962) by Gyorgy Ligeti

Sound Example 1.8 Excerpt of Purity (1994) by Curtis Roads.

Sound Example 1.9 Excerpt of Epicurus (2010) by Curtis Roads.

Sound Example 1.10 Excerpt of Langsames Stück und Rondo für Trautonium (1935) by Paul Hindemith.

Sound Example 1.11 Excerpt of Presque rien no. 1 (1970) by Luc Ferrari.

Sound Example 1.12 Excerpt of Industrial Revelations (2001) by Natasha Barrett.

Sound Example 1.13 Excerpt of Now (2003) by Curtis Roads.

Sound Example 1.14 Excerpt of Love at the swimming hole from the sound track to Forbidden Planet (1956) by Louis and Bebe Barron.

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