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". . . clinically rich . . . [and] comprehensive . . . A particular strength is the extensive and practical discussion of assessment methods and their illustration in case examples. Dr. Mapou also reviews the scant evidence base on adults with these disorders and links this research to the richer evidence base on children.  The material on accommodations for adults is a must-read for practicing clinicians faced with the common problem of evaluating adults requesting accommodations."—Jack M. Fletcher, PhD, ABPP, Distinguished University Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Houston

"Dr. Mapou has written a clear, concise, and up-to-date view of the complexities of assessing adults with learning disabilities and ADHD.  Each chapter includes a helpful summary of key points which are further illustrated by a variety of in-depth case studies at the end of the book. Dr. Mapou is able to speak directly to evaluators who write diagnostic reports as well as to those who review them. He is an artisan who knows how to build reports that are diagnostically sound, relevant and practical."—Loring C. Brinckerhoff, PhD, Higher Education and Disability Consultant

"...impressive... Dr. Mapou proposes a provocative new definition of learning disability for adults and shows how empirical research findings drive assessment of learning disabilities and ADHD in adulthood.  A clear distinction is drawn between the neuropsychological view of learning disabilities and ADHD as disorders and the legal view of them as disabilities. Dr. Mapou's substantial knowledge and experience also inform the unique and valuable discussions of documentation; accommodations; assistive technology; and interventions."—Mariellen Fischer, PhD, ABPP/CN, Co-author, ADHD in Adults: What the Science Says

"Thorough, honest, and engaging, Adult Learning Disabilities and ADHD gives keen insight into the complexity of comprehensive neuropsychological assessment of adults with learning disabilities and ADHD; it is both respectful of research while acknowledging just how much we still do not know about the way these disorders manifest in people's lives.  Reconciling clinical practice with the rigidity of current legal interpretations can be challenging—Mapou presents a holistic approach to resolving the seeming contradictions."—Jo Anne Simon, JD, Adjunct Associate Professor, Fordham University School of Law

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