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Needs Assessment

Needs assessments provide a baseline measurement against which later results can be compared; they may also assist policy-makers in recognizing new trends or problems on the horizon. As a result, they are very important for social workers and social work researchers to understand, whether for reading others' research or for conducting their own. With so much hinging on their outcome, these assessments must be conducted both accurately and efficiently, and this pocket guide gives practitioners the ability to do so. It walks readers step by step through the process of selecting the right design to confidently conducting the assessment, meticulously analyzing data, and finally writing a cogent report; the authors also explore the various approaches that can be used to assess a client's or population's needs,and the differences between large- and small-scale assessments. The links provided here expand on and enrich the discussions in the book by taking readers to more in-depth looks at some of the topics touched on in each of the book's chapters.


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