Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Professional Judgment

Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Professional Judgment: A Guide for Lawyers and Policymakers will prepare students and professionals for their roles as creative problem solvers. Paul Brest and Linda Hamilton Krieger discuss essential qualities of practical wisdom that are important across disciplines and essential to one's everyday life as a decisionmaker, consumer, and citizen. They aim to prepare students to exercise problem solving and decision making skills in the complex social environments in which they will work.  

Here you will find samples of materials available for instructors who teach Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Professional Judgment in whole or in part. This includes:

  • Teacher’s manual: Overview and Part 1
  • Problem: Hawaii Shark Task Force (to be taught with the first half of Part 2)
  • Slides: Chapter 1
  • Questionnaire: To accompany Chapter 5 (Introduction to statistics)

These and other teaching materials will be posted on an interactive website,, which is accessible to anyone who teaches from the book. When you try logging on for the first time, the site will ask the authors to grant you access, which we will grant to anyone (potentially) teaching the book in an accredited school.


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