Welcome to Oxford's Great Philosophical Arguments Companion Website! Here you will find various resources to assist you.

In Student Resources, you will find:

  • Interactive Flash-Cards that include key philosophical terms and thorough definitions
  • Sets of auto-grading Multiple-Choice Review Quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding of each chapter
  • Extra Essay Questions that can help when choosing a discussion or argument for a term paper
  • Weblinks to sites that offer helpful resources on each topic in the book
In Instructor Resources, there are PowerPoint lecture slides and a downloadable Instructor's Manual with the following:
  • Brief Summaries of each reading selection
  • For each reading, a list of 8 Objective Questions with answers
  • Answers to the argument exercises in Chapter 1
  • A Glossary of the key terms highlighted in the text.
  • A complete List of Arguments discussed in the text
  • PowerPoint Lecture Slides for each chapter
About the Book presents:
  • Information About the Author and Preparer
  • The full Table of Contents

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