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This is a discussion board for hip-hop dance. Many of the people interviewed in Foundation post here regularly.
This is another discussion board for hip-hop dance. Posters on this board tend to be younger and somewhat more international than Freestyle Sessions.
Another discussion board for hip-hop dance.
The Rock Steady Crew is the best-known and most influential b-boy crew.
Dynasty Rockers is one of Brooklyn's oldest rocking crews, and their website is a great source of information about the dance form, which is discussed in the last chapter of the book. Members of this crew provided much of the author's education on the rock dance discussed in chapter seven.
Breaks Kru is one of the most important young b-boy crews in Brooklyn.
Not to be confused with Dynasty Rockers, Dynamic Rockers is a multi-generational crew that has made important contributions to b-boy history and remains a vital force to this day. Several of its members, past and present, were interviewed for Foundation.
Prince Ken Swift is a living national treasure. Widely regarded as the best b-boy of all time, he began breaking in 1979 and is still active. His precision, creativity, attention to detail, attitude and knowledge are admired literally around the world. You can find out about his activities at this website.
Richard "Breakeasy" Santiago has been a mentor to generations of Brooklyn b-boys and b-girls.
MiRi Park is a b-girl and scholar, who helped the author work through many of the ideas contained in Foundation.
Mr. Wiggles is a member of Rock Steady Crew and one of the leading scholars of hip-hop dance. This website is a treasure trove of information about all aspects of hip-hop culture.
Planet B-boy is documentary that the author consulted on. Its director, Benson Lee, made many valuable contributions to Foundation.
Alien Ness, President of the Mighty Zulu Kings (the b-boy division of the Universal Zulu Nation), is a friend and mentor to the author.
Tools of War is a great source of information for underground hip-hop events in NYC and elsewhere.
BOM5 is an original b-boy, graffiti writer and educator, who just exudes positive hip-hop energy.
Website of b-girl Emiko
DJ DV-One is a Rock Steady DJ and pillar of the Seattle Hip-Hop Community.
DJ Mr. Supreme is a Seattle-based producer and DJ. His website, like Supreme himself, may contain adult themes.
Popmaster Fabel, hip-hop historian and Vice President of the Rock Steady Crew.
Website of Michael Holman, early hip-hop impresario
PJAY71 is a Brooklyn-based graffiti writer and uprocker.
New York City street gangs of the 1960s and 1970s were very influential on the culture of hip-hop in general and b-boying specifically. Classic NY Street Gangs provides a great overview of the culture (notice that the background music for the site consists almost entirely of classic b-boy songs). Ghetto Brothers NYC is the website of Benjy Melendez, founder and former president of the Ghetto Brothers, a Bronx-based street organization of the hip-hop era. He is a fascinating person, and his perspective into gang culture and other areas of life helped greatly in the preparation of Foundation.

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