Instructor Resources

The Online Supplementary Help for Instructors include, for each chapter:

  • A consolidated summary of each chapter (closely matching the summaries included in the text at the end of each section).

  • A comprehensive outline of each chapter.

  • Lists of key terms accompanied by their definitions as these appear in the text, but consolidated by chapter rather than section. These are presented as flashcards to students so they can test their knowledge as well as review the terms.

  • Suggestions for how instructors might apply cases from other chapters in the present chapter. These expand the range of cases the instructor may use with any given chapter. Each set of suggestions also includes thought questions for that case adapted to the present chapter.

  • “Some Helpful Hints” text boxes after the outline for each chapter. These hints address common student confusions and problems that we have encountered as we’ve taught the material. When the text asks students to develop and apply certain skills of analysis and calculation, etc., these hints offer the students some additional help.

  • An additional chapter, accompanied by similar Supplementary Help, on our moral obligations towards future generations.

  • Sets of sample quiz questions for each chapter. Students are also supplied with their own sets of questions for each chapter.

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