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About the Book

Hip hop emerged in 1970s New York when a handful of teenaged DJs started spinning discs in new ways, and an art form combining music and dance coalesced around their manipulation of grooved vinyl. Today, hip hop is a global phenomenon, and the sight and sound of DJs mixing and scratching records is familiar in every corner of the world. And between then and now the turntable emerged as a musical instrument, one that became one of the most influential instruments of the past century. Groove Music is the first book to chronicle this 35-year history, to chart the development of this crucial figure in hip hop music and popular culture. Based on nearly a decade of research, Groove Music draws upon interviews with dozens of DJs, exhaustive historical investigation, and the author’s own experience of learning the art of what has come to be known as turntablism. Over its seven chapters Groove Music explores a variety of fascinating topics and issues, including the development of turntable techniques and equipment, the highly charged and intensely virtuosic DJ competitions known as battles, the game-changing significance of the introduction of digital technologies, and the complex racial and gender politics of the DJ scene. Groove Music is a book that will satisfy experienced DJs and hip hop heads, scholars and general readers alike.

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