Organometallic Chemistry, Second Edition

Oxford University Press is proud to announce the second edition of Organometallic Chemistry by Gary Spessard and Gary Miessler. As the new publisher for this trusted and respected textbook, we would like to extend our warmest regards to all our friends researching, studying and teaching organometallic chemistry.  

This new edition is specifically designed for introducing the undergraduate and graduate student to the exciting field of organometallic chemistry. It is a highly readable and approachable text that starts with the basic inorganic chemistry needed to understand this advanced topic. In addition to being pitched at the right level for undergraduate students, Spessard and Miessler present outstanding explanations of important core topics such as molecular orbitals and bonding and support these discussions with detailed illustrations and praised end of chapter problems.

The second edition has been extensively updated to include detailed discussions of advancements over the last ten years in NMR, IR spectroscopy, nanotechnology and physical methods. Throughout the text, the authors have included more molecular model illustrations, modern examples and medical/medicinal applications. Furthermore, the in-chapter exercises and end-of-chapter problem sets have been increased and expanded to cover a broad range of difficulties, from basic practice problems to more advanced analytical types of problems. Many end-of-chapter problems are referenced to the current literature. Spessard and Miessler presents the fundamentals of organometallic chemistry through the presentation of seminal experiments, analysis of real data, and the inclusion of the most comprehensive problem sets available.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the resources on this Website and to request an exam copy if you've not yet seen the new edition. We're glad to receive any comments you might have, and we thank you for your visit!


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