Advance Praise

“In this easy read, Dr. McCrea has managed to integrate the latest scientific findings on mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) and the postconcussion syndrome (PCS), including epidemiology, clinical phenomenology, pathophysiology, neuroimaging technologies, course and outcome, and valuable information learned from the study of sports-related concussion. In doing so he takes us to a new level of understanding and perspective on MTBI and PCS, and practical implications for changes in public policy and intervention strategy.”
—Thomas A. Hammeke, PhD, ABPP-CN, Professor of Neurology (Neuropsychology), Co-Director, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic, Medical College of Wisconsin

“If you are involved at any level in the clinical management of patients with concussion or mild traumatic brain injury, you should own this book. It constitutes the most complete and current synthesis of scientific evidence available to elucidate the natural history of recovery from such injuries, and the factors involved in the evolution of persistent ‘post-concussion syndrome.’”
—Christopher Randolph, PhD, ABPP-CN, Clinical Professor of Neurology, Director, Neuropsychology Service, Loyola University Medical Center

“This brief and readable book on the neuropsychology of mild traumatic brain injury goes beyond meeting the need for an updated review of important research. The evidence presented in this monograph challenges old clinical lore, resolves longstanding controversies, and should lead to a paradigm shift in clinical management.”
—Corwin Boake, PhD, Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Texas-Houston Medical School and The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research

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