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Cognitive-Behavioral Stress Management for Individuals Living With HIV - Facilitator Guide

Michael H. Antoni, Gail Ironson, and Neil Schneiderman
9780195327915, Paperback, August 2007
Book Description
For individuals living with HIV, stress can have a critical impact on emotional and physical well-being. Many HIV-infected individuals feel a loss of control over their lives, experience social isolation, and suffer from anxiety and depression. Stress has been shown to decrease immune functioning, a significant concern for HIV-infected individuals.

Written by the developers of the treatment, this manual presents an empirically supported, group treatment program that teaches HIV-infected individuals how to manage their stress. This comprehensive Cognitive-Behavioral Stress Management (CBSM) program combines stress management with relaxation training. Each group meeting introduces a new relaxation method, such as progressive muscle relaxation, imagery, and meditation. Stress management skills build on one another and include cognitive restructuring, coping strategies, and establishing a strong social network. By the end of the program, participants are equipped with a variety of inter-related techniques that they can use to reduce stress and improve their quality of life.

The guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the corresponding workbook, which provides exercises to be completed in session, monitoring forms, and homework assignments. Together they include all the material and information needed to effectively implement this program.

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