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Levinton's Marine Biology, Third Edition, has been thoroughly revised and is now a more engaging, up-to-date, and accessible text on marine biology for sophomore to senior level biology majors. The text is characterized by an exceptionally clear and conversational writing style to ensure all students can acquire a meaningful understanding of the most important principles in marine biology. Consistent with themes of past editions, the revision includes strongly enhanced coverage of ecology and biodiversity—particularly the impacts of global warming.  Additional new coverage includes the new insights from the areas of molecular biology, deep sea biology, the polar oceans, remote sensing techniques, microbiology, and more.

A hallmark feature of this text is its principles-driven approach, in which a particular organism and its habitat are discussed within the context of its fundamental biological processes—what they eat, who is the predator/prey, the organism's internal metabolism, and its process of reproduction.

Of particular note, the revision features a new full-color illustration program that displays the beauty of the Earth's marine environments.  In addition, it also pays much attention to recent research developments and includes 17 essays, called "Hot Topics in Marine Biology." These features will engage students' interest and imaginations by putting students in contact with the latest scientific discoveries! Students will also find new pedagogical aides to help them master and retain the information.  

The third edition comes with a variety of ancillary materials for instructors and for students, and a detailed list of what's new to this edition appears here.

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