Understanding Vineyard Soils

Stripped of scientific jargon, Understanding Vineyard Soils explains to a wide audience how soils form, why they are so variable and how they can be best managed for optimum grapevine performance.

Robert White describes essential chemical and physical processes involving nutrients, water, oxygen and carbon dioxide, moderated by the activities of soil organisms, and proposes remedies to alleviate adverse conditions such as soil acidity, compaction, poor drainage and salinity. The author discusses the pros and cons of organic viticulture, the possible impacts of climate change, and explains how sustainable wine production requires grape growers and winemakers to take care of the soil and minimize the impact of their activities on the environment.

This book is a practical guide for viticulturists and for the lay reader who is seeking general information about soils, but who may also wish to pursue in more depth the influence of different soil types on vine performance and wine character.


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