Chapter 4

A note on the recordings:

All recordings were produced, and mastered in Logic Pro and Peak, by Walter Everett in February - December 2007. Audio illustrations marked with an asterisk (*) were recorded at the Duderstadt Center"s Audio Studio at the University of Michigan, with a forty-channel analog recording and mixing console designed for 5.1 surround sound by API Vision. First Engineers Kristin Fosdick and David Greenspan worked the desk at Duderstadt. Those recordings marked with a dagger (") were recorded at the McIntosh Theater at the University of Michigan by Kristin Fosdick. Kristin and David were assisted with microphone and other tracking-room and cable set-up by Second Engineers Thomas Barron, Myron Bishop, Derek Caldwell, Brian Chen, Ben Christensen, Brendan Coates, Ben Collins, Rishi Daftuar, Isaac Delongchamp, David Fienup, Brian Kohlwey, Colin McLaughlin, Tomek Miernowski, Morgan Morel, Tae-Ho Park, Dan Charette, Stewart Randolph, and Easton Thomas. Other tracks were laid in a number of different locations (those marked with a section symbol (§), at the School of Music, Theatre and Dance Moore Building and those marked with a bullet ("), at the Frederick Stearns Collection, both of the University of Michigan) with a portable Korg D1200 digital recorder, with some materials flown in from a distance. Thanks go to Dan Piccolo for his suggestions for the tabla pattern. All examples were composed by Walter Everett (Web audio example 4.08 is Trad., arr. W. Everett), © 2007 Catbird Alley Music. (John Covach improvised his tag endings for Web audio examples 2.21 and 2.22, as did John Everett for 2.24.) Where no performers are indicated, such credits are identical to those of the directly preceding example(s). It should be noted that elsewhere, many vintage instruments have been sampled for use by MIDI keyboards (this is the source of the Vox Continental in Web audio example 3.20); these samples are available in varying quality from various vendors online, and many vintage instruments and emulators alike can be heard in low-fidelity clips found on YouTube.

A note on the photos:

All photographs by Annie Eastman unless indicated otherwise.

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