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1.01-1.05. Mike Gabelman tuning his Yamaha drum set including snare drum with yellow shell; bass drum, two rack toms and floor tom with sparkle shells; two suspended cymbals (crash to his left and broader ride to his right); and hi-hat.

1.06. Drum set fully miked with signals carried by blue cables, each drum and hi-hat with own microphone; in addition, two overhead mics (not seen) capture the suspended cymbals. All of these tracks and more feed into the recording board and are then bussed from a patch bay into Mike's headphones via a personal mixer.

1.07. Neil Sisauyhoat playing a Pearl Philharmonic aluminum snare drum slightly damped by handkerchief.

1.08. Underside of Neil's snare drum, showing wire snares.

1.09. Maracas.

1.10. Cabasa.

1.11. Sleigh bells.

1.12. Tambourine struck with fist.

1.13. Tambourine given thumb roll.

1.14. Castanets.

1.15. Large slapstick.

1.16. Small slapstick.

1.17. Vibraslap.

1.18. Neil Sisauyhoat demonstrates the wobbleboard.

1.19. Bongos.

1.20. Neeraj Mehta tunes his congas.

1.21. Neeraj Mehta plays the congas.

1.22. Tabla.

1.23. Timbales.

1.24. Neil Sisauyhoat plays orchestral bass drum.

1.25.  Neil Sisauyhoat tunes large timpani with pedal.

1.26. The smaller, higher-pitched timpani is being played.

1.27. Large woodblock.

1.28. Small woodblock.

1.29. Temple blocks.

1.30. Cowbell.

1.31. Anvil.

1.32. Neil Sisauyhoat coaxes a sound from the lion's roar.

1.33. Mounted pair of fire-horn sirens.

1.34. Neil Sisauyhoat beats tam tam.

1.35. Finger cymbals.

1.36. Crotales.

1.37. Bell tree.

1.38. Wind chimes.

1.39. Triangle.

1.40. Bicycle bell.

1.41. Two bicycle horns.

1.42. Standard ratchet.

1.43. German ratchet.

1.44. Cuban style guiro.

1.45. Mexican "fish" style guiro.

1.46. Neeraj Mehta scrapes washboard with metal beater.

1.47. Sandblocks of 60 and 120 grit.

1.48. Claves.

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