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A full appreciation of the contents of this text will depend upon a rich interaction with this  companion Web site. This site is replete with hundreds of audio examples and photographs created precisely to illustrate this book's points as clearly as possible. When the aural examples are studied alongside the text, the reader's experience will be more richly alive and comprehension will be fuller, allowing for an easy, active transfer from the knowledge gained here to the experience of real-world listening. In fact, the ready availability of the book's Web site also means the ready availability of digital versions of all recordings cited in the text, nearly all of which are licensed at the major online repositories (iTunes, Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc.).

Each Web audio example has its own caption, adding cues to help the listener focus on the point at hand and crediting performers. Web photo captions also add information for further clarification. It is recommended that listeners use headphones. Even small earbuds will produce a far better response than do the tiny drivers in laptops, which often cannot convey any bass at all. Most desktop machines include built-in speakers of moderate quality, but the listener may experience severe distortion and clipping from these at louder volume levels. Standalone external monitors are better still as long as the listener can control a good stereo balance.

We recommend that you open three instances of this site—one for the photos, one for the audio captions, and another for the audio player—and toggle between them in order to maximize the multimedia experience.

Mac users can play files with a single click; to download, hold the control key and click.

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