Highlights and Key Features

  • Topics covered include:
    • disease susceptibility in cultural context
    • substance abuse and addiction
    • sleep disorders
    • preeclampsia
    • altitude-related hypoxia
    • the biological context of menstruation
    • the role of stress in modern life

  • The selections come from an international team of preeminent scholars in fields such as:
    • biological anthropology
    • medicine
    • biology
    • psychology
    • geography

  • Detailed, evidence-based arguments make the case that all aspects of the human condition covered in the volume have an evolutionary basis, while theoretical discussions using other empirical evidence critique the gaps that still remain in evolutionary approaches to health.

  • An introductory overview covers the field"s diverse array of topics, questions, lines of evidence, and perspectives.

  • The editors provide detailed introductions to each essay and an extensive bibliography that represents a state-of-the-art survey of the literature.

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