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Wenda R. Trevathan (Ph.D., University of Colorado, 1980) is Regents Professor of Anthropology at New Mexico State University. Professor Trevathan"s research focuses primarily on the evolutionary and biocultural factors underlying human reproduction, including childbirth, maternal behavior, sexuality, and menopause. She is the recipient of the Margaret Mead Award from the American Anthropological Association and the Society for Applied Anthropology (1990). Her publications include works on evolutionary medicine and the evolution of childbirth.

E. O. Smith (Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1977) is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at Emory University. His research areas include the evolution of human behavior, the interface between human biology and culture, and the evolution of psychiatric disorders, particularly addictive behaviors. His book When Culture and Biology Collide: Why We Are Stressed, Depressed, and Self-Obsessed (Rutgers, 2002) explores the intersection of evolved human biology and American culture.

James J. McKenna (Ph.D., University of Oregon, 1975) is The Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, CSC, Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Lab at the University of Notre Dame. His research areas include the evolution of human behavior, evolutionary medicine, human parenting, and infancy, with special emphasis on infant sleep, breastfeeding, mother infant co-sleeping, and risk factors for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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