The authors of Write Like a Chemist gratefully acknowledge the following organizations and individuals for their support and contributions to the project.

The National Science Foundation for financial support (DUE 0087570, DUE 0230913) although the opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in Write Like a Chemist are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of he National Science Foundation.

American Chemical Society: American Chemical Society Publications Division and Eric S. Slater, Esq., Copyright Manager.

Dr. Roald Hoffmann for permission to reproduce "Next Slide Please" from The Metamict State (1987; Orlando: University of Central Florida Press, pp 51-52).

Oxford University Press: Jeremy Lewis, Acquisitions Editor; Paul Hobson, Production Editor; Ned Sears, Editorial Assistant; Patricia Trish Watson, copyeditor.

Individuals at Northern Arizona University: William Grabe and Bradley Horn (project assessment team); Sharon Baker (coauthor of answer key); John Rothfork (Web master); Liz Grobsmith (Provost); Jennifer Broyles, Lana Chavez, Kevin Pond, and Catherina Salanga (students in CHM 300W and 610); and others (Geoffrey Chase, Beverly Cleland, Ann Eagan, Julie Gillette, Kris Harris, Victor O. Leshyk, Alan Paul, Martha Portree, Kurt Ristinen, Paul Torrence, and Kierstin Van Camp-Horn; Departments of Chemistry & Biochemistry and English; Colleges of Engineering & Natural Sciences and Arts & Letters).

Chemistry faculty (and their students) who piloted drafts of Write Like a Chemist: Frances Blanco-Yu, Seton Hill University; David Collins, Colorado State University-Pueblo; Ellen R. Fisher, Colorado State University; Brian Gilbert, Linfield College; Alex Grushow; Rider University; Angela Hoffman, University of Portland; Timm Knoerzer, Nazareth College; Daphne Norton, Emory University; Donald Paulson, California State University-Los Angeles; Dan Philen, Emory University; Jennifer N. Shepherd, Gonzaga University; Betty H. Stewart, Midwestern State University; Joe Vitt, University of South Dakota; Carl Wamser, Portland State University; Barry L. Westcott, Central Connecticut State University.

Faculty who served as external evaluators: Jeanne Arquette, Maricopa Community College; Troy Cahou, Coconino Community College; Larry Eddy, Yavapai Community College; Don Gilbert, Northern Arizona University; Sibylle Gruber, Northern Arizona University; Hans Gunderson, Northern Arizona University; Cynthia Hartzel, Northern Arizona University; Pierre Herckes, Arizona State University; Jani Ingram, Northern Arizona University; David F. Nachman, Maricopa Community College; John Pollard, University of Arizona; Scott Savage, Northern Arizona University; Michael Scott, Maricopa Community College; Paul Smolenyak, Yavapai Community College; Diane Stearns, Northern Arizona University; Timothy Vail, Northern Arizona University.

Reviewers and quotation contributors: Joseph H. Aldstadt, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Kevin Cantrell, University of Portland; Bert D. Chandler, Trinity University; Joan Curry, University of Arizona; Robert Damrauer, University of Colorado-Denver; Charles H. DePuy, University of Colorado-Boulder; Mari Eggers, Little Big Horn College; Dave Goodney, Willamette University; Nora S. Green, Randolph-Macon College; Suzanne Harris, University of Wyoming; Ann M. Johns, San Diego State University; David B. Knaff, Texas Tech University; Carol Libby, Moravian College; Richard Malkin, University of California-Berkeley; Charlotte Otto, University of Michigan; Pete Palmer, San Francisco State University; Bradley F. Schwartz, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine; Grigoriy Sereda, University of South Dakota; Steve Singleton, Coe College; Gerald Van Hecke, Harvey Mudd College; Gabriela Weaver, Purdue University; James B. Weissman, Pfizer Pharmaceutical Marketing; Thomas J. Wenzel, Bates College.

PIs who granted permission to use excerpts from their research proposals: Diana Aga, State University of New York-Buffalo; Daniel J. Dyer, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; Howard Fairbrother, Johns Hopkins University; Nathaniel Finney, University of California-San Diego; Anna D.Gudmundsdottir, University of Cincinnati; Amanda J. Haes, University of Iowa; Karen S. Harpp, Colgate University; Paul Hergenrother, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign; Robert P. Houser, University of Oklahoma; Jeffrey S. Johnson, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Gary R. Kinsel, University of Texas-Arlington; Amnon Kohen, University of Iowa; Jeehiun Katherine Lee, Rutgers University; Gary A. Lorigan, Miami University; L. Andrew Lyon, Georgia Tech Research Corporation; David L.Patrick, Western Washington University; Christoph G. Rose-Petruck, Brown University; Andrei Sanov, University of Arizona; Eileen M. Spain, Occidental College; Mark E. Tuckerman, New York University; James R. Vyvyan, Western Washington University; Robert A. Walker, University of Maryland-College Park; Timothy H. Warren, Georgetown University.

Corresponding authors of ACS conference abstracts who granted permission to use excerpts from their abstracts: Joseph T. Bushey, Syracuse University; Gerald B. Hammond, University of Louisville; Arthur Lee, Wyeth Research; Athanasios Nenes, Georgia Institute of Technology; Catherine C. Neto, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth; Peter S. Nico, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Denis J. Phares, University of Southern California; Cynthia Rohrer, University of Wisconsin-Stout; Lynn Russell, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California-San Diego; Kevin M. Smith, Louisiana State University; Yuegang Zuo, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth.

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