Reviewers' Comments

This work distills into one reference a skill set that is too often assumed by the field to be 'something you just learn' or is somehow gained through exposure and osmosis. The authors have tackled an enormous task in this text by presenting the content as both a 'teachable' text and a desk reference to be revisited as needed.
–Timothy Vail, Northern Arizona University

This is an outstanding text for the novice science writer as well as the experienced professional. Write Like a Chemist beautifully satisfies the need for a practical writing text aimed specifically at the chemical sciences that has long gone unfulfilled.
–Ellen Fisher, Colorado State University

In my opinion, Write Like a Chemist is a text that fills a critical void in the education of writers of science. This particular book is unlike anything else that is currently on the market. I wholeheartedly believe that it will change the way we teach undergraduates how to write like a chemist.
–Timm Knoerzer, Nazareth College

With this text, almost any chemistry faculty member can teach writing in the chemistry genre. That is what makes it so useful.
–Donald Paulson, California State University

Write Like a Chemist may be destined to become "a scientific best-seller", if there is such a thing.
–Anonymous reviewer

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