Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Micro Level

Welcome to the companion website for Katherine van Wormer"s Human Behavior and the Social Environment, micro level: Individuals and Families. This book aims to make the study of human behavior relevant and meaningful to the individual reader, and to provide a background for professionals to help prepare them to intervene in systems, large and small. From an ecosystems-empowerment perspective, the book explores the interconnectedness of person and environment, from childhood through late adulthood. Biology and spirituality are major considerations here, as they are in the companion macro-level volume; the difference is one of dimension rather than subject matter. While the macro text takes us into the biological realms of nature and deep ecology, the focus here is on the human organism"for example, on facts discovered through brain research. With regard to spirituality, the focus is on the way that spiritual and religious beliefs develop with maturity across the lifespan. Macro-based theories to explain the behavior of people in groups, organizations, and communities are matched here by theories of personality development and individual behavior in various contexts.

This website contains a wealth of material for students and instructors. On the following pages, you will find:

  • Chapter 1: Human Behavior: Theoretical Concepts
  • (The Following Format is provided for each chapter)
  • Chapter Highlights
  • Chapter Objectives
  • Key Terms and Names
  • Class Exercises
  • Recommended Resources
  • Essay Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Chapter 2: Biological Factors in Human Behavior
  • Chapter 3: The Psychology of Human Behavior
  • Chapter 4: Birth through Adolescence
  • Chapter 5: Early Adulthood through the End of Life
  • Chapter 6: The Individual in the Family

In addition, comprehensive PowerPoint sets are available for instructors to download for both volumes. To access these resources, please email Mary Helen Turnage to obtain the username and password.

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