Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. Clinical social workers have been variously described as:
      a. Psychotherapists/counselors
      b. Case managers
      c. Direct practitioners
      d. Traitors to the profession
      e. All of the above
  2. Fiduciary misconduct in community practice consists of:
      a. Empirically supported treatment
      b. Empathy
      c. Warmth
      d. Acceptance
      e. Genuine interest in the client
  3. A working relationship has all of the following characteristics EXCEPT:
      a. Observable ability of the worker and the client to work together
      b. A committed belief in the helping relationship
      c. A psychodynamic theory-base
      d. A contract to work together realistically and collaboratively
  4. All of the following are characteristics of efficacy studies EXCEPT
      a. Therapist actions are controlled by a protocol or treatment manual
      b. Therapist flexibility is encouraged
      c. The treatment is applied to a homogeneous client population
      d. The research design relies on random selection and random assignment to a treatment or control condition.
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