Chapter 01

Chapter One Objectives:  Introduction to the Decision Tree and the Text

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Knowledge Objectives (Declarative Knowledge)

By the end of this chapter students should possess declarative knowledge about:  
  1. The format of book- alternating chapters on direct and indirect practice
  2. The aims of the book
  3. The construct of "best practices"
  4. Open assessment as a condition of best practices
  5. Theory and method choices as a condition of best practices
  6. The use of empirical evidence as a condition of best practices
  7. The decision tree as a tool that helps practitioners navigate what is known in order to       aid the practitioner in making case-specific decisions consistent with best practices.
  8.  The standards of cultural competency
  9. Case-specific model building; a tool that allows the practitioner to select more than one method and more than one theory when developing a treatment matrix for the case at    hand.

Skills (Application of Knowledge-Procedural and Tacit Knowing)

By the end of this chapter you should demonstrate beginning competency in managing theory and method choice by being able to:
  1. See how the steps of the decision tree are applied to each of the 7 cases scenarios
  2. Envision how the template of case-specific model building can be used in your    placement to develop a treatment or intervention matrix.


  1. Respect science as a way of knowing
  2. Respect moral philosophy as a way of knowing i.e. values analysis.
  3. Respect philosophical reasoning and proof as a way of knowing.
  4. Respect critical thinking as a tool that lends itself to competent practice.
  5. Appreciate case complexity
  6. Appreciate generalist practice as a framework that requires open assessment of all     variables and system sizes.
  7. Appreciate generalist practice as a framework the promotes the use of multiple     methods and multiple theories

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