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Designed for non-music majors who want to learn piano "for the fun of it," Learning Piano: Piece by Piece is also ideal for courses in class piano and for individual instruction. This concise and user-friendly book presents materials in an engaging manner and in a logical piece-by-piece progression of difficulty. Offering a rich and well-rounded solo and ensemble repertoire, it enables students to master basic keyboard skills"through the study of fresh, appealing, and easy-to-play arrangements of both traditional and newly created pieces"and provides them with ample opportunities to improvise, transpose, and harmonize. By encouraging students to play music from different time periods, genres, and cultures, Learning Piano: Piece by Piece also inspires musicality and creativity.

Learning Piano: Piece by Piece contains a wealth of musical compositions, from classical (Baroque through the twentieth century) to folk, blues, jazz, boogie, and rock, all in interesting arrangements. It features music that is heard and played around the world, in the United States, France, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Russia, China, Japan, South America, Mexico, and the Middle East. The nine ensemble pieces include such favorites as "Amazing Grace" and Pachelbel"s "Canon in D." There is also an entire unit devoted to twentieth-century pieces. The text is accompanied by two free CDs that contain almost 100 original orchestrations by renowned composer Phillip Keveren (in both practice and performance tempi) for students to use on their own.

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