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Chapter 18

  1. While Walter Gropius proposed a daring solution for the design of this high-rise office building, the commission was awarded to the Neo-Gothic design of Raymond Hood and John Mead Howells.
      a. City Hall Building, Los Angeles
      b. Chicago Tribune Tower
      c. Equitable Building, New York
      d. Paramount Building, New York
  2. The initial Ford factory, called the Old Shop (1908–1910), with its long, four-story concrete-frame box, implemented the management theories of ________, who wrote Principles of Scientific Management (1911).
      a. Diego Rivera
      b. Frederick Winslow Taylor
      c. Henry Ford
      d. Walter Gropius
  3. Roland Wank's 1933 Norris Dam was a part of a larger federal project administered through the __________.
      a. 1916 Zoning Law
      b. Tennessee Valley Authority
      c. Futurama
      d. Taliesin
  4. This educational atelier was conceived by Frank Lloyd Wright as an alternative to the Beaux-Arts in Paris:
      a. Royal Academy
      b. Werkbund
      c. The Four
      d. Taliesin
  5. While Frank Lloyd Wright sought to synthesize craft and industry with his tubular furniture, made to be incorporated into the Johnson Wax Building in Racine Wisconsin (1936–1939), the resultant three-legged chairs became known by this notorious moniker:
      a. easy-chair
      b. Barcelona Chair
      c. suicide chair
      d. Mackintosh Chair
  6. In this pavilion at the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs, Le Corbusier presented a full-scale mock-up of his ideal apartment-villa, which provided a Modernist version of the Carthusian monk's cell.
      a. Ho-o-den Temple
      b. The Court of Honor
      c. Esprit Nouveau Pavilion
      d. Futurama
  7. While a model for prefabrication, this apartment building also featured artisan touches including embossed formwork and reliefs in the concrete, molded wooden door handles, and the wading pool and sculpted mounds on the roof terrace.
      a. Jacobs House
      b. Lovell Beach House
      c. Unité d'Habitation
      d. Novocomum
  8. With a long concrete structure raised above the ground level on columns and open-plan apartments with lofts, this Moisei Ginzburg's housing block may have inspired Le Corbusier's Unité d'Habitation.
      a. Vkhutemas
      b. Narkomfin
      c. Kommunalka
      d. Wolkenbügel
  9. This house, designed by Theo van Doesburg and Cornelis van Eesteren, was made with intersecting colored planes and is considered the fullest architectural realization of Neo-Plasticism.
      a. Schröder House
      b. Villa Savoie
      c. Hochhausstadt
      d. Sommerfeld House
  10. This architect's German Pavilion at the Barcelona Exposition of 1929 offered an uncompromised statement of minimalism.
      a. Walter Gropius
      b. Paul Klee
      c. Wassily Kandinsky
      d. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
  11. The Novocomum apartment block in Como was one of the first experiments of this architectural group founded in 1926 in Milan.
      a. The Bauhaus
      b. The Futurists
      c. The Novecento
      d. The Gruppo 7
  12. Where glass and steel high-rises, reminiscent of Le Corbusier's Radiant City, were initially envisioned for this 1942 exhibition, travertine became the dominant material used.
      a. The Great Exhibition, London
      b. Columbian Exposition, Chicago
      c. Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs
      d. World Exposition for Rome
  13. The rural settlement of Ramersdorf by Guido Harbers (1934) is an example of what became known as the __________, or vernacular of the homeland.
      a. De Stijl
      b. Stadtkrone
      c. Heimatstil
      d. Zeppelinfeld
  14. This building was one of the few buildings realized for Albert Speer's Berlin plan.
      a. Triumphal Arch
      b. Dome through the Tiergarten
      c. New Chancellery
      d. Leipzigerplatz
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