Part One: Clinical Description and Diagnosis
Chapter 1 Conceptualizing Manic-Depressive Illness: The Bipolar-Unipolar Distinction and the Development of the Manic-Depressive Spectrum
Chapter 2 Clinical Description
Chapter 3 Diagnosis
Part Two: Clinical Studies
Chapter 4 Course and Outcome
Chapter 5 Epidemiology
Chapter 6 Children and Adolescents
Chapter 7 Comorbidity
Chapter 8 Suicide
Part Three: Physiological Studies
Chapter 9 Neuropsychology
Chapter 10 Personality, Personality Disorders, and Interpersonal Functioning
Chapter 11 Assessment
Chapter 12 Creativity
Part Four: Pathophysiology
Chapter 13 Genetics
Chapter 14 Neurobiology
Chapter 15 Neuroanatomy and Neuroimaging
Chapter 16 Sleep and Circadian Rhythms
Part Five: Treatment
Chapter 17 Fundamentals of Treatment
Chapter 18 Medical Treatment of Mania, Hypomania, and Mixed States
Chapter 19 Medical Treatment of Depression
Chapter 20 Maintenance Medical Treatment
Chapter 21 Medication Adherence
Chapter 22 Psychotherapy
Chapter 23 Treatment of Children and Adolescents
Chapter 24 Treatment of Comorbidity
Chapter 25 Clinical Management of Suicide Risk
Appendix: Resources for Information about Bipolar Disorder and Related Topics

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