Chapter 7


Sound Example 7.1 A Mozart minuet in its original and dissonant versions. For the musical score, see Trainor & Heinmiller (1998) (p. 380).

7.1A Original version
7.1B Dissonant version

Sound Example 7.2 Short rhythmic sequences, corresponding to Figure 7.3 (p. 407).

7.2A The pattern in Figure 7.3A
7.2B The pattern in Figure 7.3B

Sound/video Example 7.3 Movie of a female Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) in the Thai Elephant Orchestra, drumming on two Thai temple drums. Listen for the deep boom corresponding to the drum hits. The other noises heard on the video are the sounds of other elephants playing other instruments, such as gongs and bamboo rattles. See Chapter 7, footnote 22, for further details (p. 408).

Sound/video Example 7.4 Movie of a red-masked parakeet or "cherry-headed conure" (Aratinga erythrogenys) moving to music. See Chapter 7, footnote 25, for further details (p. 411).

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