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Why Do Anthropologists Study Economic Relations?

As the discipline of anthropology studies the human condition in all spaces and all times, one of the best ways to discover why they should study economic relations is by exploring the sub-field: Economic Anthropology. The “Anthropology for Beginners” blog by Suman Nath is one of the most user/reader friendly sites relative to such an endeavor. At students will find information about the empirical approach to studying economic relations— in the vein of Mauss and Malinowski--, examine the impact of neo-classical economics and begin to explore the interplay between anthropology and the political, domestic and international economic arena.

Likewise, “60 Second Adventures in Economics” offers a concise, insightful, animated depiction of the ways in which economic systems are acted upon—and act upon—the structure and ideologies of American society (in particular). It’s URL is:

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