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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pathological gambling?
What does this program involve?
What is "cognitive-behavioral treatment"?
Is this program effective?

Q: What is pathological gambling?
A: Some of the main characteristics of pathological gambling are:

  • A preoccupation with gambling
  • A loss of control over gambling
  • Deception or lying about gambling
  • Illegal activity to finance gambling
  • Chasing gambling losses with more gambling
  • Disruption to work and relationships

Q: What does this program involve?
A: This workbook and treatment program will help you to understand all aspects of your gambling problem, as well as teach you ways to stop gambling and also how to deal with the consequences of your gambling behavior. It will include exercises and homework assignments. The primary goal of treatment is to help you completely abstain from gambling. Treatment is completed in approximately 12 sessions.

Q: What is "cognitive-behavioral treatment"?
A: A goal of cognitive-behavioral treatment (sometimes referred to as "cognitive-behavioral therapy" or CBT) is to identify the errors in your thoughts (cognitions). Many gamblers mistakenly believe gambling is a game of skill and that they can control the outcome by adopting different strategies. During treatment, you will learn to recognize and correct errors in your thinking that keep you gambling.

Q: Is this program effective?
A: Yes, its effectiveness has been proven first by some single-case experimental design studies followed by randomized controlled trials. Following treatment, 80% of participants no longer presented the characteristics of excessive gamblers.

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