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"Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Social Phobia in Adolescents: Stand Up, Speak Out, Therapist Guide presents in user-friendly language cognitive and behavioral treatment strategies for working with anxious adolescents. The work is clearly written and includes a wealth of useful examples. The CBT strategies are described in succinct terms, with an aim toward front line practitioners. The work is very current and should be of interest and use to those working with shy and socially anxious adolescents. A round of applause for Albano and DiBartolo."

- Philip C. Kendall, Ph.D., ABPP
Laura H. Carnell Professor of Psychology, and
Director, Child and Adolescent Anxiety Disorders Clinic, Temple University

"This easily accessible, clearly written, and immensely practical guide will allow therapists to immediately assess patients for social anxiety disorder and implement session-by-session interventions that are based on the best models for cognitive-behavioral practice. Albano and DiBartolo incorporate the step-wise progression for planned exposure, the importance of cognitive distortions in social anxiety, problem solving, assertiveness training and coordination with support systems and school personnel. I especially appreciated the concrete examples of dialogues between the clinician and the patients. In addition, the authors wisely anticipate and address the importance of relapse. This guide will be highly valued by anyone working with kids with social anxiety problems"

- Robert L. Leahy, Ph.D.
Director, American Institute for Cognitive Therapy, New York, NY

"Therapists can rest assured that they are in good hands when they use Drs. Albano and DiBartolo"s book to treat social anxiety disorder in youth. The authors were among the pioneering researchers and practitioners engaged in systematizing social phobia treatment for adolescents. The authors are well trained, experienced, gifted with young people, and wonderfully humane. Young clients will respond well to this treatment, and those of us who have used their techniques are deeply grateful to the authors for them."

- Lynne Henderson, Ph. D.
Director, The Shyness Institute, Palo Alto, CA

"In this volume, Albano and DiBartolo, both seasoned clinicians and researchers, provide us a state-of-the-art, step-by-step, cognitive-behavioral treatment program to help us deal with these difficult-to-treat youth in our ongoing clinical practices. The manual is well-written, clinician friendly, evidence-based, and timely. Moreover, it provides many tips and "problem busters" on how to deal with thorny issues that arise in real world clinical practice and that are not readily resolved in treatment. It is a welcome volume in this series and one that surely belongs in the armamentarium of all of us who work with emotionally troubled youth."

- Thomas H.Ollendick, Ph.D.
University Distinguished Professor, and
Director, Child Study Center, Virginia Tech

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