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Overcoming Your Alcohol or Drug Problem, 2nd Edition: Workbook

Dennis C. Daley and G. Alan Marlatt
0-19-530774-7, Paperback, May 2006
Book Description
If you suffer from an addiction to alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs and have made the life-changing decision to quit, this workbook will help you learn strategies to stay sober.

This recovery workbook provides you with practical information and skills to help you understand and change your problem with alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, pills, or heroin. It is designed to be used in therapy or counseling and will help you focus on specific issues involved in stopping substance use and in changing behaviors or aspects of your lifestyle that keep your substance use problem active.

Filled with comprehensive information about substance use problems, the recovery process, the relapse process, types of professional treatments available, and self-help groups, this book will help you to conquer your problems with substance use. User-friendly monitoring forms help track your progress throughout treatment, while worksheets and home exercises extend the therapeutic experience outside of the office.

This workbook and corresponding Therapist Guide form a complete treatment package that will help you work with a therapist or counselor to develop your personal plan for recovery.

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