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Advance Praise and Reviews

Advance Praise

"This is a well-designed cognitive behavioral treatment program that has been shown to work"Therapists and clients will find the client workbook particularly helpful. It makes each step in therapy transparent and is easy to follow. It makes a convincing case that overcoming the trauma of motor vehicle accidents is doable."

- Anke Ehlers, Ph.D.
Professor of Experimental Psychopathology, King's College, London

"[This] patient manual provides educational material written appropriately for non-psychologists. Specific instructions for critically important exposure treatment, relaxation, and cognitive therapy procedures are provided, [as well as] case examples and self-assessment strategies" Overcoming the Trauma of Your Motor Vehicle Accident, Therapist Guide and Workbook is a very useful set of manuals for therapists and accident survivors."

- William J. Koch, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor, University of British Columbia

"A motor vehicle accident is a terrifying experience for far too many people in our society. This book provides an accessible and practical guide to managing and resolving the psychological difficulties. The authors are internationally renowned for their work."

- Allison G. Harvey, Ph.D.
Psychology Department, University of California, Berkeley


"This is a wonderfully important and essential workbook for the client with MVA-related PTSD. Strongly recommended!"

- Doody's Book Review

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